Face of the Nations: Burundi

Post by: Lisa Allen

Who can ever predict how you would respond to circumstances surrounding rebel attacks as they are happening in your midst? 

Freddy Tuyizere, affectionately known as “Pastor Freddy” was born in the country of Burundi the first born in a family of 11 children.  As early as 16 he felt a call upon his life and went to school in order to become a teacher.  It was in 1996 when his life’s purpose began to be reshaped by the tragedy of civil war in Burundi.  There was not a family around that did not experience tragic loss of loved ones and friends.  Freddy himself lost a brother. 

One night in the high school in which he was teaching, a man came and threw a grenade into the dormitory. Eight of Freddy’s students were killed straight away; the long civil war/ genocide continued. This was the turning point in his life. His heart was so heavy, he  prayed for God to show him how to contribute to the healing of the nation of Burundi.   In 1999 he pioneered Youth for Christ Burundi then left for 3 years for seminary training in South Africa. His vision is to equip young men in order to raise up a godly generation of leaders for the country.  Since that time, Freddy has also started 2 orphanages and a school in the countryside.  Freddy believes that the youth are the only way to prepare a nation for tomorrow and spends his life tirelessly investing in this vision.


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