Face of the Nations: Rwanda

Post by: Kris McBride

Ange was in high school when the war broke out in Rwanda. She and her fiancé fled on foot to the neighboring Congo.  While there, they got married and had a baby girl.  The war spilled over into the Congo. They both lost their parents, and watched many other relatives die.

One day in February of 1997, soldiers again attacked and started shooting at them. They fled terrified into the forest in separate directions. Many were killed. After four days, soldiers kidnapped Ange’s baby. She ran through the forest trying to find them, but was unsuccessful. She later learned her baby died four days after being kidnapped. Ange hid in the forest for weeks with no clean water, food, fire, or shelter. Ange said, “It was like we were dead, but still living.”

Months later, a relief organization came to help Ange and the other refugees and eventually flew them to Burundi. Although she kept searching for her husband, no one had seen him. The war intensified in Burundi, so Ange fled to Kenya and enrolled in Bible college. She continued searching for her husband. She pleaded with God to be reunited with him.

Finally, she received news that her husband was alive! After 8 long years they were reunited in Burundi on November 14, 2004.  God has blessed them with three boys and they’ve taken in her sister’s three children who were orphaned during the war. Ange currently works for ALARM where she helps people impacted by the genocide walk through the process of forgiveness and reconciliation.


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