Post by: Lisa Allen

Jun 27, 2012

What makes you feel INVISIBLE

I have been struck by the times in my life when it feels like “no one sees” the things I do.  Perhaps it’s the umpteenth load of laundry or emptied dishwasher.  Perhaps it’s the friend who never asks “how are YOU doing” while going on and on about their own life.  Of course, this is MOSTLY a pity party that I quickly transition out of.  However, the feeling deep at the core of this is feeling like I am INVISIBLE.

That causes me to consider, who are those I walk past every day who I choose not to see.  A few things come to mind..  One is ORDINARY people (drycleaner, checkout person at the grocery store, my own family members).  How am I using my time to SEE them.  REALLY SEE them by looking into their eyes and giving them my undivided attention if only for a brief conversation! 

The second thing that comes to mind is the word INCONVENIENT.  People who are inconvenient are people that I can make feel invisible.  Because if I have to actually stop and invest in them…SEE THEM…it will be a messy and potentially costly investment.  However, when I have actually chosen to invest in inconvenient people by choosing to make them VISIBLE, my life has been enriched beyond anything I can explain.  Letting someone become VISIBLE in your life means meeting them where they are and walking with them.  It could be a student you tutor or an aging parent.  It could be a young person you are mentoring or a friend walking through a tough season.  It could be one of your own children going through a difficult stretch or a challenging season with your spouse.  God may be using your life to keep this person from feeling left out, neglected, unimportant or INVISIBLE.  What a gift that He would allow our lives to intersect others at just the right time as He whispers to them “I SEE YOU”.

Of course, the real learning about being invisible is learning to trust EL ROI - The God Who Sees , even when no one else does (Gen 16:13 “She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the One who sees me.").   His approval and trust is ultimately what matters and He sees us completely and loves us unconditionally.  I leave you with this video clip that is technically about motherhood, but I think it applies to anyone who is feeling invisible.  GOD SEES YOU… you are using your life to build things that no one may ever see but Him.