Dare to Dream Big Dreams

We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

It’s important to hear God’s voice if we want to do His will. Spending time with God in prayer and a daily reading of His Word will make you more and more sensitive to His voice.

Hearing God’s voice links us to His will for us on a daily basis. Our dreams point us in the direction of our destiny—His plans for our life.  Your dreams allow you to see your part in God’s eternal plan through His eyes. This plan can also be defined as vision.

Vision is so important in life that the Bible seems to indicate that without a vision, people often perish. (Hos. 4:6)  Families raising their children in fragile neighborhoods know that vision, with its sense of focus and direction, can divert their children from drugs, gangs and prison. Not a luxury, for them, vision often means survival.

Sometimes in these communities, children trying to “climb out of the pot” to reach their dreams often are pulled back in by the “gang” around them.  Without meaning to, dreamers are often a threat to those around them who have forgotten how to dream.

That’s why Seeds of Hope surrounds these dreamers with a team. By investing in these students through scholarships, mentors and prayer, you can be part of the team that surrounds the dreamer.

You can learn a lot from kids whose dreams are sprouting and  taking root in what some might call unlikely soil. They have overcome broken families, racism, poverty, or even genocide to reach their dreams.  Whether the dreams are those of well fed children from your own neighborhood or the longings of barefoot children in a remote African village, dreams have a magic all their own. Dreams, in any language, matter. “Tread gently around the dreams of a child,” said Mother Teresa. “You may be treading on the dreams of God.”

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