Marilynn Chadwick

Founder & Board Member

Marilynn founded Seeds of Hope to help provide financial support and informal mentoring for kids with big dreams but lacking in resources.  

“I didn’t go looking for Seeds. Seeds found me when I was approached by a wonderful young man, Quentin Bethea. Quentin had a great musical talent and just needed a little boost of financial support to get into college. Through working with Quentin, I realized that he isn’t unique. There are so many talented young people that just need some support to build a path to higher education and economic security.”  

Marilynn is part of the teaching team at Moments of Hope Church where her husband David is the Senior Pastor. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.  She holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and a Masters in Counseling from UNCC. She is currently pursuing her MA at Duke Divinity School.